Who am I?

I am a historian, writer and artist living the the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Someone wisely asked me: if money were no concern and success guaranteed, what would you be.  I narrowed it down to novelist, historian, painter, improv actor, teacher, geologist, anthropologist, shamanist.

Yes, it’s true, I have a 9 to 5 because my i-Phone bill refuses to be paid with moonbeams and sunshine.  For that omnicient paycheck, I work for a world news organization and have even been published as a sports reporter.

But my first love is history. There is no such thing as boring history, only those who haven’t learned to see the mysteries, stories, intrigues, humor and joy in antiquity. My next love is writing fiction.  Historical fiction.  Romantic fiction.  Thrilling fiction.  Mysterious fiction.  My other love is art – painting and drawing, and I hope to occasionally post an inspired piece or two.

Why in the world would I call myself VolcanoLady.  Because I am an amateur Geologist and Lava-junkie.  And, as you can imagine, the very novel that is filling my waking hours and slavishly depositing itself onto the digital pages in my ancient laptop is about … a geologist in the 1880’s. 

I live with my cat, Mac, whom I adopted once I heard that his name was the same as a dear uncle of mine.  He puts up with costume bits, paint brushes, and mangled edited hardcopy pages strewn across the floor – I bribe him with Tiki-Cat Wild Salmon every morning and he wakes me promptly at the same time each day.  My fuzzy alarm clock.

If not plugged in and typing furiously while sipping coffee at a coffee house, I am likely to be found at the S.F. Bay Area Tarot Symposium, PantheaCon, the Dickens Christmas Fair, the Pacifica Pier, or a dusty old bookstore.

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