Wait … you want to know what that book is?

Brilliant intelligence operative, Tessa Lancing, is on assignment to find out why powerful crime lords are missing and why her fellow agents disappeared, one after another, while trying to solve the same mystery.  She knows she’ll disappear too if she works solo but the only man she trusts to help her is her former partner, Jack de Sombras – an accused traitor everyone believes to be dead.

In the desolate canyons and isolated ravines of the desert Colorado Plateau awaits the solution to Tessa and Jack’s mission, but not the answers their careers ever prepared them for.  Ancient ruins, a murderous sheriff, and a dried-up town full of deadly secrets.  If the sheriff doesn’t destroy them, or Jack’s past doesn’t catch up to him, then the dark shadows gaining power with every kill will gladly do the job.

This story has all the paranormal twisted surprises with hints of Tony Hillerman’s love of the Southwest, which I share, and Debra Cunningham’s strong female characters.  Two internationally savvy agents trapped in small town Colorado, cut off from the rest of the world, and left to their own wit and courage.  This book has humor and scares, and a twist on the old trope that the hero must save the captive heroine.

Does that catch your attention?

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