The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner: Volume 2 – Death and the Barbary Coast

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00009]There’s something nasty lurking in the thick fog of San Francisco, roaring in the dark, waiting to be unleashed. Leave it to lucky Tom Turner to have to find out, but first he must evade being shanghaied in the Barbary Coast, destroyed by the murderous ambitions of former Confederate “gentlemen,” or punished as a consequence of his own past. Mechanical monstrosities show up on every gaslit street corner and in every suspicious warehouse, threatening the very fabric of his country. Civil War veteran, witness to Krakatoa’s deadly eruption, and survivor of Robur the Conqueror’s madness, Turner’s luck finally seems to be failing as he is thrust back into a war to save the Union.

The Volcano Lady, Volumes I and II, told only part of Tom Turner’s story. Now The Yankee Must Die – Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner (in three novellas) reveals the rest of his adventures. Can he escape his past or will he die at the hands of bio-mechanical assassins? Turner dreams of the day he might be reunited with the only woman to capture his heart – Victorian volcanologist Lettie Gantry – if only he can survive again and again, against all chances.

This is T.E. MacArthur’s latest installment from the Volcano Lady universe: an exciting blend of historical fact and steam-powered fiction – plus a healthy dose of Jules Verne himself.

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