Twelve Hours Later: 24 Hours of Myth and Mystery (the Anthology)

Twelve Hours Later-1The newest in Steampunk flash fiction, with each tale occupying a single hour of time. Fill your day with these yarns of thrilling adventure – and heroics, of course!

Hold your teacup steady in hand as you wend your way through trials of suspense, mystery, and espionage. Cringe and hide your eyes from the horror, or perhaps simply step aside and let it go clattering by, coughing and belching gouts of steam and exhaust as it does.

The Treehouse Writers, fifteen talented authors, artists and poets, have come together in the must read Steampunk anthology of 2015. We invite you to join us and immerse yourself in our worlds of myth, legend, and lore.

Includes the first appearance of Miranda Gray, from The Volcano Lady series, by T.E. MacArthur – 4am in the shadows of the Dueling Fields and 4pm for Afternoon Tea with a little bit of murder.

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