The Volcano Lady: Vol. 3 – The Great Earthquake Machine



BookCover3JPEG“…there are those who have possessed the power of a god and I am, for this modern century, that god.” ~ the Earthshaker

No one saw it coming. All of England shook on April 22, 1884. Chimneys collapsed. Buildings burned. The ground split open as Britain is rocked without warning, releasing massive devastation and the toxic ash cloud of an erupting volcano.

An earthquake or a manufactured weapon?

Only one scientist is prepared to answer that question. Lady volcanologist Lettie Gantry discovers the destructive force might have been man-made. But not just any man: a man who would be God over a pure race of humans, even if he has to murder every person on the Earth.

With war looming in Europe preventing her every turn, can Lettie stop the madman hell-bent on bringing about genocide? Will he succeed in blackmailing all of Europe into submitting to his demands? Or will Europe willingly join in his plans?

Historical detail mixes with fantastic technology and terrifying madness in the third Volcano Lady novel by T.E. MacArthur. MacArthur brings the steam-driven world of an alternate 19th Century to life in exciting color and fast paced action, with Science and Insanity colliding.

“MacArthur creates a steampunk tale that is far more than shiny machines.” ~ Sharon E. Cathcart, author, Eye of the Beholder.

“Steampunk at its finest, with every level of intrigue, mystery, and entertainment desired.” ~ Library at the End of the Universe.

“A compelling steampunk story with lots of adventure and bits of creative history (Nemo and Nautilus are real!!!) … Lettie is a great heroine. She is sensible, smart, adventurous, but still aware of her limitations. And then there’s Turner, a sigh-worthy character for sure!” ~ InD’Tale Magazine, April 2014 edition

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