The Volcano Lady: Vol. 2 – To the Ending of the World


Postcard coverVolcanology is merely an unseemly occupation for a lady in 1883 but, when the lady allows herself to be abducted in route to the East Indies, it’s more than the public and her New College of London Associates can bear. Her character in question and her professional reputation potentially destroyed, there is little Lettie Gantry can do except to escape from her increasingly insane captor, Robur the Conqueror, and complete her Eruption Prediction Equation – an equation that can save thousands of lives – or cost far more.
And to do that she must put her trust in her captor’s first mate, a Civil War veteran haunted by his past and deeply confused in his loyalty to his captain and his ship.
Can she trust him with her life?
On the run from the ruins of ancient Borobudur to the dense jungles of Java and the trembling volcanoes of the East Indies, Lettie must get to the one place where she can put her equation to the ultimate test – a tiny island called Krakatoa. To the Ending of the World is the second volume of the exciting Volcano Lady tale packed with remarkable historical detail, outrageous technologies, and the potential end of the civilized world.
The Volcano Lady: To the Ending of the World is available in Paperback and Kindle.  Reviews are also available thru Goodreads.
Paperback and Kindle

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