The Volcano Lady: Vol. 1 – A Fearful Storm Gathering (Edition 1.5)

Book One CoverVolcanology is an unseemly occupation for a lady in 1882, but this will not prevent Dr. Letticia ‘Lettie’ Gantry from pursuing her scientific obsession to America, Japan, or all the way to the Dutch East Indies if necessary. Not even the unwanted attentions of extraordinary ‘mad inventors’ such as the legendary Captain Nemo and Robur the Conqueror will stop her. But too many men want to control her and, more importantly, her prediction equation: an exotic foreign agent, a man bent on destroying humanity, and a remarkable, enigmatic Civil War veteran whose moral certainty is running out of steam as fast as his Captain’s airship. What is a lady to do? Enormous dirigibles, aerial clipper ships, mysterious submarines, and defective locomotives fill a world crammed with steam powered miracles and disasters; yet none can compare with the awesome forces of Nature Lettie knows too well. From the fog shrouded halls of New College of London to the technologically clogged streets of Paris, even to the depths of the ocean on the fantastic Nautilus, Lettie races to gather the data which could save lives yet cost her own. A Fearful Storm Gathering is volume one of the exciting new, two part Volcano Lady tale filled with exhilarating historical facts and what ifs, wild steam-powered technologies, and ever-increasing threats to civilization itself. Edition 1.5
The Volcano Lady: A Fearful Storm Gathering is available in Paperback and Kindle.  Reviews are also available on Goodreads.

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