The Omnibus Edition: The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000443_00067]Nasty things are lurking in the ghostly shadows of Hawaiian ruins, the swirling fog of San Francisco, and the flooded silver mines of Tombstone – all waiting for Tom Turner’s luck to run out.

Prussians, Confederates, and Bio-mechanical monstrosities may well be the least of his problems. Outrunning his reluctant role as a devilish rogue, he seeks only to survive each and every challenge presented to him, proving himself worthy once and for all.

Enter a world filled with aerial clipper ships, legendary men, enigmatic heroes, mad inventors, and steam driven weapons. A world filled with an exciting blend of historical fact and steam-powered fiction.

Tom Turner steps from the pages of the Volcano Lady into the penny dreadfuls of The Gaslight Adventures. This Omnibus Edition presents the Gaslight trilogy, along with plenty of author notes, maps, and historical details.

“Steampunk at its finest, with every level of intrigue, mystery and entertainment desired.” – Library at the End of the Universe

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