Volcano Lady #4 is here!

It is with great pleasure and joy I get to announce that the Volcano Lady #4: The Lidenbrock Manifesto is available for order. You can get your copy one of three ways - hardcopy from Amazon, ebook copy from Kindle (Amazon VL#4 Link) or ... You can come visit me at Clockwork Alchemy, Memorial Day …

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A Little Taste of 30 Days

As promised to many of you, here is a little snipit from the upcoming anthology, Thirty Days Later.  I have been privilaged to be included in this marvelous and, frankly, fun effort.  I'll have to tell all about the meetings over tea, the big laughs, and the joyous sense of family behind this publication.  Profits …

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The Lidenbrock Manifesto

Just for fun, the opening salvo to the Volcano Lady #4: The Lidenbrock Manifesto. Enjoy - comment - percolate. ... She’s dead.  Defying her proper place, defying him, defying the new God.  She got what she deserved.  The great Letticia Gantry is dead.  For a brief moment, he felt sad – or was it disappointment …

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Steam House Con – here we come!

Become the real 1% - those who do the deed, make the journey, rock the world!


A memorial: Mac the Cat

Mac MacArthur 3/15/2000 - 4/29/2015 Being a certified Crazy Cat Lady, it would a failing if I did not post a message about the passing of my sweet kitty and writing companion. Mac was adopted through Hopalong Animal Rescue (http://www.hopalong.org.)  How could I resist a gorgeous cat with the same name as a favorite uncle …

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A Clockwork Alchemy: Book Release Party

Some of you may know by now that I am deeply involved with the West Coast's largest (well, I think so) STEAMPUNK convention.  What makes Clockwork Alchemy so special is the lavish attention they give to authors, both published and really thinking about it. So, it should come as no surprise that we have a …

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