An interview with no less than Tom Turner himself

The Blackfriars Courant is a delightful bit of Victorian yellow journalism, at its very best. Editor in Chief, Penelope Dreadfulle, snagged up some delightful comments for this interview.  It is possibly the most innovative "review" The Volcano Lady and The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner has ever received.

Blog Tour!

Many thanks to the marvelous Maggie Secara for the invitation to join the ‘My Writing Process’ blog tour. First things first: there are some questions I get to answer and then I get to introduce you to three lovely people and their blog sites. What am I working on? What aren’t I working on might …

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Guest Blogger – Dover Whitecliff “Be a Writer!”

With a huge "Thank You!" and "Tally-ho!" I want to welcome Dover Whitecliff to the VolcanoLady Blog.  Dover is a brilliant budding author with tons to share.  Not only has she generously given us an article, she is has a blog site of her own (see below.)  Proof positive, especially as NaNoWriMo is five days …

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What is Steampunk and How to Get Some for Free?

Didn't that title grab your attention?  Okay, okay ... it was cheesy, but I made you look, eh? Library at the End of the Universe ( is holding her Steampunk September Extravaganza again!  Interviews, book reviews, and book giveaways.  The Yankee Must Die penny dreadfuls are going to be part of this autumn fun, and …

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A wonderful interview with T.E. MacArthur

Under the Volcano An Interview with T.E. MacArthur Many thanks to Maggie Secara, author of The Dragon Ring and the newly released King's Raven, who posted an interview and excerpt from the upcoming The Yankee Must Die series. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, set your calendars for Feb 15th!  Friday, I will post a …

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