The First DOOMSDAY Review!

With many thanks to Sharon E. Cathcart, the author of Eye of the Beholder, Bayou Fire, and Beloved Infidel.  


Blogging from A to Z: V is for Volcano Lady — Sharon E. Cathcart

You may recall from a previous post that I’m a big fan of independent authors. Today, I’m honored to have steampunk indie author T.E. MacArthur, author of the Volcano Lady series, as my guest. Enjoy this delightful interview! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a cat person. Yup! That’s me. My cat disagrees […] …

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New releases from the Treehouse — Welcome to the Treehouse!

A number of the Treehouse Writers have new books available this summer. T.E. MacArthur released The DOOMSDAY RELIC, featuring Professor Lettie Gantry. This brand new adventure starring the Volcano Lady is in serial format. Kirsten Weiss has another installment of her cozy mystery series A Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Mystery available. Get your copy of […] …

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At Last! It’s Here!

Adventure is out there! Forget the Truth - Go for the Fiction! I am thrilled to announce the OFFICIAL RELEASE of The DOOMSDAY RELIC - featuring Professor Lettie Gantry. A brand new adventure in serial format - your own, very own, penny dreadful. Excitement on every page! ... Volcanoes - Action - Mystery - Romance …

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An interview with no less than Tom Turner himself

The Blackfriars Courant is a delightful bit of Victorian yellow journalism, at its very best. Editor in Chief, Penelope Dreadfulle, snagged up some delightful comments for this interview.  It is possibly the most innovative "review" The Volcano Lady and The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner has ever received.


2013 in review – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. WordPress has this lovely feature I want to share with you - and to set up the perfect opportunity to say "Thank you" to all of you. 2013 was a terrific year of chances to talk and share with you. I'd like to do more in 2014. Tell me what sort …

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Terror in a Wild Weird West – #3 is here!!!

The Wild American West was a dream and hope for many, but for some it was a place to die. Lucky Tom Turner has finally run out of the good fortune that kept him alive for so long. Rescue the brilliant scientist, elude the New Confederacy, and escape the Prussians determined to torture him for …

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