Adventure On Sale – No Kidding!

Do you have your copy yet of the audiobook Death and the Barbary Coast?   This is the perfect time.  Currently on, it is on sale for 1 credit or less than $2.00.  I am not joking.  Audible randomly selects audiobooks to price at an incredibly low price.  Take a look here: It's …

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New Audio book – Death and the Barbary Coast – on Sale now

It feels a little odd saying something like, "on sale now."  But, how could I not share? Yes, the wonderful Patrick R. Golden ( has outdone himself on the second audio installment of the Adventures of Tom Turner. You can find your copy via the following links (and I suggest you hurry because the prices …

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An interview with no less than Tom Turner himself

The Blackfriars Courant is a delightful bit of Victorian yellow journalism, at its very best. Editor in Chief, Penelope Dreadfulle, snagged up some delightful comments for this interview.  It is possibly the most innovative "review" The Volcano Lady and The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner has ever received.

The Omnibus Edition of the Gaslight Adventures

This large scale publication is ready now on  The Gaslight Adventures is a compilation of the Tom Turner Trilogy with more.  Historical notes, illustrations and photographs, personal notes from the author, and stories of a real life, Wild West inventor.  The Omnibus Edition brings all this together in one volume. Kindle and Smashwords editions …

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