My Civil War Adventure

This project is on hold just at the moment – but never fear – this is one of those stories that simply must be written!!

The Concept:

As everyone who has ever heard of time travel knows, messing around in history is a bad idea – unless of course you want someone else to win the American Civil War. For Miranda Grey it isn’t an exercise in Theoretical Physics but a mandate to fix the flow of history before it changes beyond recognition.

The damage has already been done. Unaware of how she got to the woods near the tiny church called Shiloh, or why, Miranda has three days to make sure the upcoming battle goes the way the history books says it should. But who is going to listen to a strange woman on the eve of battle? What are the British doing there? And is that a robot?

A rich mix of real life figures from history and a good dose of fantasy, General Sherman’s Other Wife is this year’s National Novel Writers Month 2011’s adventure.

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