Volcano Lady #4 is here!


It is with great pleasure and joy I get to announce that the Volcano Lady #4: The Lidenbrock Manifesto is available for order.

You can get your copy one of three ways – hardcopy from Amazon, ebook copy from Kindle (Amazon VL#4 Link)

or …

You can come visit me at Clockwork Alchemy, Memorial Day Weekend, at the DoubleTree Inn by Hilton San Jose, CA.  I will be in the author’s alley all weekend long.  I promise a great convention rate on this and the whole set of Volcano Lady books – Plus an autograph if you would like one.

Author Notes:  Whew!  That was fun.  I have to tell you that this book really struggled to get out.  As is so common for any person creating something new, I found this project wanted to be written at its own speed and in its own way.  Yet, as a writer, I can’t just let the words and characters dictate to me – there must be structure, flow, consistency, and a satisfying conclusion to the journey.  I suspect it is a wrestling match for every author and artist.  Ultimately, I fought the good fight for you and for me, and I won.

I will confess that when I got home to find two huge boxes of books BLOCKING my door, I had no time or energy for being angry (really UPS?  How again did you expect me to get in?)  I was too elated to care: my babies had arrived!  And yes, I will also confess that I still get a little weepy when I hold that first, fully ready-to-go edition in my hands.  So, I shall leave it to you, dear friend, to picture a tired 9-to-5er arriving home and climbing over two waist-high boxes in a pencil skirt (pulled up as far as I dared) and kitten heel pumps.  OK – it was funny.  And, once I got the door open, I could pull them inside, out of the way.  I ripped the first box open and … and quietly let a tear escape in honor of the privilege of being a published author.

Yes, it is all quite silly, but really … if you write, you know what I mean.  And if not, I know you will find a good equivalent in your life.  So hurrah! for the sentimental.

I hope you will enjoy this latest volume of the Volcano Lady.  Thank you so much.

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