Thirty Days Later is Coming!

30 Days later coverDo you like steampunk and cliffhangers? Adventure and intrigue? Dragons and Sasquatches? Then you’ll like the forthcoming anthology Thirty Days Later, Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures in Time, featuring pairs of stories by favorite steampunk authors who have appeared at the Clockwork Alchemy steampunk convention!

Thinking Ink Press is proud to announce we will publish Thirty Days Later in time for Clockwork Alchemy this Memorial Day. Edited by AJ Sikes, BJ Sikes, and Dover Whitecliff, Thirty Days Later is the sequel to the steampunk anthology Twelve Hours Later: 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery, a charity anthology to promote California literacy programs, and Thinking Ink Press is proud to donate half the royalties of Thirty Days Later to promote literacy.  Among the offerings, T.E. MacArthur takes you a wild ride from the Nile to secret Minoan passages with explorer Miranda Gray!  The question being: can she outwit her dangerous partner and the ghost of the ancient Minotaur?

Advance copies are being prepared as we speak.  This is the second anthology for our intrepid authors, some new authors, and the illustrious Harry Turtledove.

Spread the news: Thirty Days Later is coming and it can’t be stopped!

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