Steam House Con – here we come!

Steam House Con

is an ambitious attempt to combine the best of Media fandom, Cosplay, Independent Productions, and Steampunk.  How could I resist.


I will be offering a workshop called “It’s time to stop talking about writing!”  That’s right, time to stop!  Time to DO IT!  I’ll do everything I can to encourage, motivate, and unblock writers who are on the cusp of making that idea become a book!  99% of people say they would love to be a writer.  99% of people have some idea that might become a novel.  99% of people who want to be authors never become one because all they do is discuss their ideas.  Authors put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards.  Become the real 1% – those who do the deed, make the journey, rock the world!

My workshop is on Saturday at 2pm.  I’d love to see you there.

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