Adventure On Sale – No Kidding!

Do you have your copy yet of the audiobooksmall DBC cover

Death and the Barbary Coast?


This is the perfect time.  Currently on, it is on sale for 1 credit or less than $2.00.  I am not joking.  Audible randomly selects audiobooks to price at an incredibly low price.  Take a look here:

It’s my book and yet I adore listening to it as read by Patrick R. Golden.  To get myself in the mood to work on Volcano Lady novel #3, I listened for two hours … and I only meant to listen for a half hour.  That’s how great Patrick’s reading is!  Oh, I know that sounds funny, but lesson #1 to all writers is: love what you write and write what you want to read.

Snag your copy asap!  Audible doesn’t tell us how long these amazing sales go.

If you are new to Audible, you can do me a very big favor: select either Death and the Barbary Coast or The Yankee Must Die as your first audiobook, and they will give a bonus to Patrick and to me.  Thank you so much everyone!!

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