Blog Tour!

Many thanks to the marvelous Maggie Secara for the invitation to join the ‘My Writing Process’ blog tour.


First things first: there are some questions I get to answer and then I get to introduce you to three lovely people and their blog sites.

What am I working on?

What aren’t I working on might be a better question.  I have two very specific projects moving ahead at full steam.  The Volcano Lady 3: The Great Earthquake Machine is shaping up nicely, though I confess that it won’t be released this spring.  My, wasn’t that wishful thinking on my part?  Yet, one should have reasonably-set goals, even for work that will be ready when it’s ready and not a moment before.

In the meantime, I am developing an Omnibus Edition of The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner, complete with illustrations, maps, annotations, and a few extra bonuses.  This will be a lovely 8.5” x 11” compilation with a potential of sporting a hard cover.  Ohhhhhh!  That edition I anticipate will be ready for Clockwork Alchemy, May 23-26, 2014.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m trying my hand at a Western, a mystery, and some short stories.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Steampunk tends to focus on technology and adventure, and in this regard I am right in line with the genre.  Where I tend to veer from the norm is in my love for Victorian history, my attention to those details I look for in my own reading choices (such as manners, culture, and language,) and a blending of classical Western storytelling with old school melodrama.  I also try to take my characters out of England and Europe, showing other nations and cultures from the 19th Century.  That is not to say that I am the only author who does this, but that it is a variation on the generally followed Steampunk theme.

Why do I write what I do?

History!  Action and adventure!  I adore it.  That, and the drive to bring childhood fantasies to life.  I don’t recall any time that I wasn’t writing or drawing.  I grew up on Jules Verne, the Wild Wild West, and Victorian dime novels.  Every summer the family packed off to Cripple Creek, Colorado, to ride the steam train to Victor and watch a melodrama at the Butte Theater.  Steampunk, Westerns, and Historical Fantasy all inspire me to write more.  I can’t get enough of it.

How does my writing process work?

I’m not sure I have one process.  But things go a bit like this: I imagine a scene with something exciting.  It could be inspired by another story or freshly plucked from a memory of running around in the mountains of Colorado or the Gold Hills of California.  Is it for my Volcano Lady world or is it something distinct?  From there, I try to flesh out what came before and after.  How did it happen?  What were the causes and consequences?  Next, I start generally outlining, with a promise to myself that it may be written on paper but not in stone.  Things change.  Stories change.  On a far less grandiose scale, it is a bit like the Big Bang – it starts from little to nothing and expands.

cropped-kanaga.jpgThere are my four questions, which of course you are welcome to ask about via the comments section.  I’m happy to answer

More importantly, this tour is intended to introduce you to three authors.  I’ve deviated a little from the directions, yet kept the intent of the tour by choosing these amazing folks.  Each of these ladies will do the same next week (on or about March 3rd.)

Let me introduce you to Karen Krebser – Psychic, poet, writer, cartomancer, all-around creative!  Karen is not your average author: she is a poet and blogger.  Her ability to express her insights is extraordinary.  One need not write fiction to create a dynamic narrative.   And oh my yes … her poetry!

Her official profile: “Karen Krebser is a psychic medium and card reader, and also a poet and aspiring dramatist. She has been living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life, and has been engaged in spiritual practices for about as long. She has been actively studying the Tarot for almost twenty years, and has been providing insightful and creative readings publicly for over ten years. Her Tarot and cartomancy studies are continuing, as are development activities and explorations in several different ancient spiritual traditions that have brought her into a closer relationship with her ancestral origins and her ancestors themselves. On the writing side, Karen has taken a Master’s Degree in English Literature from San Jose State University with an additional emphasis in Creative Writing, and she has been an avid and passionate fan of Elizabethan drama since childhood. In addition to her cartomancy readings and blog work via The Muse’s Darling web site, Karen is also currently working on her first graphic novel and several plays that explore the themes of identity, chaos, and vengeance.”

Her blog site:

Next up is a combo of two unique ladies who came together to create a Young Adult adventure, The Stolen Songbird, Dover Whitecliff and Vicki Rorke.  You should give their blogs a perusal: their process, both as individuals and as the team behind Stolen Songbird, is quite enlightening.

Dover’s Offical Profile: “Dover Whitecliff was born in the shadow of Fujiyama, raised in the shadow of Olomana, and lives where she can see the shadow of Mt. Shasta if she squints and it’s a really clear day. She is a wild and woolly wordsmith, a blogger, an analyst, and a jack-of-all-trades, but mostly a writer. She has been writing since the ripe old age of nine and won her first ten-speed as a fifth grader with a first place entry into Honolulu Advertiser’s “Why Hawaii Isn’t Big Enough For Litter” contest.

Dover currently spends her free time writing the stories inside her that are fighting to get out, and playing Rock Band with her husband, big brother, little brother, and consigliere, all of whom will graciously allow her to touch the instruments on occasion, but mostly just hand off the microphone so she can sing. She lives in Sacramento, California with her very patient and wonderful husband and several hundred bears.”

Her exceptional blog site and webpage:  Website: and Blog:  Storyboards for Dover’s writing projects and novels can be found at:

Vicki’s Official Profile: “As a young child, Vicki Rorke contemplated one of the great questions of life: Star Trek or Speed Racer?  Fortunately, her older brother controlled the TV and she became exposed to, and enthralled with, Star Trek. After attending many a convention, (when 50 attendees was considered a raging success! My, have times changed!) and reciting dialog by heart, it was only natural that she began creating her own worlds. Her first sci-fi short story was published at the tender age of fourteen.

Vicki currently has the great honor of abiding in the Sacramento, California, temple residence of the Pharaoh, Khufu, and Goddess, Isis, her two orange tabby cats. They rule the house, provide comfort and laughter, and yet never fail to let Vicki know who the real bosses are, especially at meal time. Khufu enjoys the creative writing process by lying on her laptop and infusing his ideas into her stories through osmosis. She is grateful for his insights and feedback. Isis provides purr-fueled massages after a long day at work. Life is good along the American River!!”

Vicki’s Blog and sites:  

Twitter:  Facebook:

Many thanks again to Maggie Secara for the invitation, and to Karen, Dover, and Vicki for participating.  Please check their blogs to see the exceptional variety of authorship out there!

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