Old West meets Steampunk!! And I’ll be there!

Did I mention that I suffer from “insufficient reluctance syndrome” aka volunteerism! But this looks like so much fun!I’ll be in Calico Ghost Town for the Wild West Fest in April!!!

Wild West Fest
Here’s the announcement from the events planner:We have added another panel to the WWF! Very exciting and more yet to come! Stay tuned..

Those Bad Bad Boys (Writer Panel)-Hosted by T.E. MacArthur
… or How to design a villain that doesn’t make a reader chuckle (unless you want them to.) …Today’s writer faces competition from thousands of new authors every year not to mention an ever-pickier readership. What makes any new fiction rise above the unwashed masses of books is a villain or villains who are unique, scary, and yes … understandable. Let’s review some basics of bad guy building, psychological foundations for psychos, and do a little one-on-one work with the villain you are creating. We might talk about fight scene development too. Any evil-doer can have a moustache: it’s the way he twirls it that gives your novel flare!

The time hasn’t been set but the panel will be on Saturday.  The rest of the day you will be able to find me in the vending area with books!!!Check out this fun new event – in a ghost town no less – and with Champagne Balloon Rides too!


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