The Happiest New Year! Look what’s coming!

To all my fellow bloggers, followers, readers, lurkers, casual drop ins, and merry makers: I wish you all a lovely and safe New Year.

2012 was extremely difficult for me on a variety of levels, but one place I found a great deal of joy was in writing.  Well, no duh, you say?  But of course, says I!  Thank you to everyone who has dropped by to read my notes – I promise more to come.  In addition to tid-bits floating out from the vast spaces between my ears, 2013 will see the introduction of a dime novel series – three shorter novellas following the Steampunk adventures of Tom Turner through the exotic Kingdom of Hawaii, the raucous Barbary Coast, and of course the wild, wild town of Tombstone.  Like a little Wild Weird West with your coffee, cowboy?  You bet!

And, since you are all such lovely people, issue #1 of Mr. Turner’s adventures will be available here, in pdf format, for you to enjoy at no cost.  There will be rules about how you can use that copy, but nothing you wouldn’t expect.  I’ll have more about that later.  A hard copy will be available through Amazon and Smashwords – sorry dears, but that one you’ll need to purchase, but I’ll keep the cost down.  I just want you to read more!

2013 will also see some travel on my part to places where the newest Volcano Lady novel takes place – well, I want to get my details correct!  Novel # Three, loosely titled “The Great Earthquake Machine” is anticipated for an Autumn release.  Fingers crossed!

In addition to a little trip abroad and very far to the North, I will be attending Clockwork Alchemy Steampunk Convention on Memorial Day Weekend in San Jose.  There, I hope to be teaching writing workshops with the crazy Treehouse Writers Group and talking all about Steampunk fun and games. I also have on my calendar a trip up to Seattle for SteamCon V, in October.  Who knows what else!

So, meanwhile, back at the ranch, have yourself a great start to what promises to be a fantastic New Year!!!

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