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But in the meantime …
An author must do two things well: write and get others to read what they have written.  Thank heavens for the internet and intrepid bloggers who love books.   To say I am doing a happy dance right now would be an understatement.  The cat is looking at me funny – it must be a good sign.


We must seek our soul’s purpose and writing is one of mine.  Top of the list in fact.  To have such kind and encouraging words written about my life’s passion is a boost to the self, the ego, the heart, and the soul.  Now I can be that autumn leaf, broken free from the limb that held me to a tree of artistic uncertainty, and float out onto the winds of unlimited satisfaction.

Book Review Mama follows up this lovely review of Volume 1 with an interview with Jay Hartlove, author of The Chosen, and a writer I had the privilege of interviewing on this blog.  Did I mention she has give-aways of books too!