Big Press, Small Press, No Press at all?

These days it’s scary out there for new or, for that matter, established authors. It’s the publishing world’s To Be or Not To Be moment. Ebooks vs. Print; small publishing houses vs. big NY publishing names; agents; self-publishing. Definitely something that just makes your head spin. And, adds unlimited energy to an author’s anxiety.

Deep breath and remember to take things one at a time. However you decide to proceed, one step, then the next.

In my opinion, and certainly because it appears to be working for me, I’m leaning towards the smaller but wiser Publisher who loves print and Ebooks equally. The best of both worlds.

Sure, I’m old-fashioned: an Ebook reader isn’t in my immediate future (though if I do make it to electronic format, I promise to get one. Cross my heart!) I love the feel and texture of a book. Trade paperbacks handle my need for a good-sized book that I don’t always need my glasses for and are easier on the wallet than hardbacks. Even then, if I can get a hardback book instead of any other format, by golly, I’ll spend the extra dollars. E-readers like Kindle are wonderful but nothing replaces the sensation of moving the page and hearing it slip into place. I have no problem loosing my page because I was silly enough not to put the bookmark back. Solid books meet all our senses with enthusiasm: the touch of the page and the way we sit or lean while reading; words popping up to meet us with exciting imagery; the minute taste of paper dust if the book is new; the voice that reads along with us inside our heads; and the smell of a new book or one that has collected aromas over its lifetime.

Still, in the publishing world, the author is marketing rep, agent, publicist, and advertiser all rolled into one. Ignoring the Ebook industry is frankly suicide. That Kindle is starting to look better.

If you are on Facebook (and I am: see The Volcano Lady by T.E. MacArthur and feel free to join the page) you may want to check out a fan page called Writer Beware. Good stuff. Plenty of food for your thoughts.

So what did I want to accomplish with this blog post? Hopefully, discussion. Ideas. Thoughts. You know … that which makes us human, and worth both writing and reading about. Otherwise, I’m in big trouble as a novelist, eh?

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