A Little History to go with your Volcano


Steampunk is a fun genre that fans describe as the “World that Should Have Been.” I think that even Monsieur Jules Verne would approve of that description.

But to be “Should Have Been” something suggests that it “Was” something else at one point. The books I most enjoy and the direction of my own writing starts with the historical and gives history a firm, definitive tweak. If you are reading the Volcano Lady series, you know that I mix recorded history with fabulous fiction. “Wait a minute,” you cry! “There’s real life history in there?” Why yes, Virginia, there is a bit of history in those novels.

This page is to slowly (don’t hold your breath) but surely review the Volcano Lady series and all the books that are related (more on that later!) for True History. I capitalized that on purpose.

For nit-pickers like me, history nuts, Victorianophiles (I made that up,) and detail snobs: here is a home for all your questions.

4 thoughts on “A Little History to go with your Volcano

  1. In addition to going back and recovering the interesting books that you used in writing the first two Volcano Lady volumes, have you considered using this page to share tidbits from your research for the upcoming book(s)? I’m sure you’re finding fascinating things, and those of us who are (breathlessly) waiting for Book III might appreciate the teasers…

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